Choose your home from 5 new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects that offer a total of 4,841 units of 2-room Flexi, 3-, 4-, 5-room, and 3Gen flats:

  • Buangkok Woods in Hougang
  • EastDelta @ Canberra in Sembawang
  • Valley Spring @ Yishun
  • Tampines GreenVerge and Tampines GreenView

Apply online for your choice town and flat type by 23 August 2016. Applications are open till 23 August 2016, 11:59pm, and you can apply online at any time till then. Successful applicants will be determined by a computer ballot, and not on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Important Notes

HDB precincts are planned to serve the evolving needs of the community. There are spaces catered for future inclusion of amenities/ facilities (such as childcare centres, elderly-related facilities, education centres, residents' committee centres and day activity centres), commercial facilities (such as shops and eating houses), mechanical and electrical rooms, and such other facilities depending on the prevailing needs. These spaces could be in the void decks, common property, car parks or stand-alone community buildings.

To facilitate your flat application, we have provided information on the surrounding land use, proposed facilities, and their locations in the maps and plans in this brochure. As the information provided is based on the current planning intent of the relevant authorities, they are indicative only and are subject to review from time to time.

A Home for Every Budget and Need

August 2016 BTO Prices
Town Contract Flat Type Selling Price
(Excluding Grants **)
Selling Price
(Including Grants ^)
Non-Mature Towns
Hougang Buangkok Woods 2-room Flexi * From $79,000 From $4,000+
3-room From $165,000 From $95,000
4-room From $255,000 From $200,000
Sembawang EastDelta @ Canberra 4-room From $240,000 From $185,000
5-room From $311,000 From $301,000
Yishun Valley Spring @ Yishun 2-room Flexi * From $79,000 From $4,000+
3-room From $156,000 From $86,000
4-room From $251,000 From $196,000
Mature Town
Tampines Tampines GreenVerge
Tampines GreenView
3-room From $202,000 From $172,000
4-room From $289,000 From $274,000
5-room From $398,000 From $388,000
3Gen From $428,000 From $418,000
* 2-room Flexi flats come in two sizes of 36 sqm (Type 1) and 45 sqm (Type 2).
^ The assumed housing grants are meant for applicants applying as a family nucleus or two singles under the Joint Singles Scheme for a 2-room Flexi BTO flat. SHG is applicable only to 2-room Flexi, 3-room and 4-room flats in the non-mature towns. With the SHG enhancement announced at NDR 2015, eligible first-time flat buyers with income up to $8,500 would now enjoy SHG of up to $40,000:
  1. 2-room Flexi flat: $80,000 (comprising AHG of $40,000 and SHG of $40,000 where applicable)
  2. 3-room flat: $70,000 (comprising AHG of $30,000 and SHG of $40,000 where applicable)
  3. 4-room flat: $55,000 (comprising AHG of $15,000 and SHG of $40,000 where applicable)
  4. 5-room flat / 3Gen flat: $10,000 (AHG only)
The actual grant amounts vary based on income and choice of flat type. Read more on various CPF Housing Grants available.
+ Buyers are required to pay 5% of the published price using their own CPF and/or cash savings when the total housing grants (i.e. AHG and SHG) they can enjoy exceeds 95% of the published price of flat. Excess housing grant, if any, can be used to pay for Optional Component Scheme (OCS) items and premiums that singles and Singapore citizen/Singapore permanent resident households have to pay, before crediting into the Singaporean buyers' CPF accounts.
** Singles who apply for the 2-room Flexi flats under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme will pay $15,000 more than married couples. Eligible singles can also apply for AHG and SHG. The additional amount payable and the grants will vary based on the choice of lease tenure. The actual grant amounts will vary according to income. Read more on various CPF Housing Grants available.
Selling prices (excluding and including grants) quoted above are rounded up to the nearest $'000.